Latest News / Dernières nouvellesJun 16, 2016

The SHS receives $46,625 for its archive project!

The Saskatchewan Historical Society (SHS) is proud to receive support from the Government of Canada through the Library and Archives Canada Documentary Heritage Communities Program for the Development of Archival Practices / Building Archival Foundations and Practices "which will end on March 31, 2017.

Library and Archives Canada's financial support of $46,625 is a step in the strategic agreement between the SHS and the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan to develop mechanisms for the collection, treatment and conservation of Francophone archives. This will:

  • Develop standards, guides and performance criteria,
  • To take stock of the situation throughout the community,
  • Improve skills and enhance the capacity of the community, including organizations and individuals.

This agreement is a result of concerns raised by the Saskatchewan Historical Society about the lack of processing of French-language archives and the lack of knowledge of good preservation practices in the community.

Archives are an important vehicle for preserving and transmitting thoughts and historical facts that constitute a geographical territory or a community of individuals. Thus, they are a community capacity in which the information essential to the construction of identity and culture is conveyed.