Since 1977 ...

Founded in 1977 as a non-profit association, and enjoying charitable status, the Société historique de la Saskatchewan encourages the study of the history of Francophones in Saskatchewan in order to enrich the Fransaskois heritage. Over the years, she has worked closely with the Archives de la Saskatchewan to build an excellent bank of historical documents relevant to the history of Francophones in the province and she always encourages the Fransaskois to preserve any document of cultural and historical value.

Since the mid-1980s, she has also worked closely with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education to ensure that material on the history of Saskatchewan Francophones is available and used in schools. In addition, since 2008, the Société has offered a school animation service in Fransaskois schools and French immersion schools in order to put students in contact with heritage and history through interactive workshops.

Since 2005, the Society has also organized historical shows to ensure better dissemination of the story to students and the general public. To date, the Société has published fourteen titles on Fransaskois history and heritage, and since 1990 it has published the history magazine "Revue historique". In addition to this production, virtual museums showcasing different aspects of the history and heritage of Francophones in Saskatchewan.