Digital Museums

Francophone Digital Museum of Saskatchewan (in french only)

Created in 2006, the Musée Virtuel Francophone de la Saskatchewan brings together a wealth of information on a number of subjects, characters and places of the Francophonie in Saskatchewan.

Digital Museum of the Fête fransaskoise

"The feast, ephemeral, sometimes breaks the course of a story. But however perishable it may be, it generates the seeds of ideas and desires, hitherto unknown, and which often survive it." Jean Duvignaud

Over the years, the Fête has enabled the Fransaskois to fraternize, get to know each other better and, ultimately, seek to work better together for the success of the Francophone presence in Saskatchewan. This virtual museum invites you to travel through 25 years of history of a unifying event, witness to the vitality of the culture of the Fransaskois.

Digital Museum of French Radio in Saskatchewan

The presence of a French radio station in Saskatchewan appears to us today to be indisputable. However, it is the result of a long-term struggle waged by Francophones in the province. Broadcasting arrived in the Prairies in the mid-1920s. In a predominantly English environment, French homes were one of the last entrenchments of the language. Now they are assaulted by the waves of English-speaking stations.

Discover the chefs who realized early on the importance of having French on the air for the development of language and culture. Realize what obstacles they will face, political, technical, economic, before the inauguration of the French posts in Saskatchewan. You will also focus on the work of the craftsmen of this radio who took over until the sale of the sets to Radio-Canada in 1973.