From left to right: Patricia Choppinet, Khaled Kamruzzaman, Leslie Garrido-Diaz, Alexandre Chartier

Board of directors

President: Isabelle Campeau

Vice-presidency: vacant

Secretary: Michel Vézina

Treasurer: Iftu Ahmed

Advisor: Érika Báldo

Advisor: Donna Lajeunnesse

Permanent observers: Annie Audette and Denis Chevrier, community members of the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise

Fransaskois Archives Committee

Alexandre Chartier; Patricia Choppinet; Wilfrid Denis; Janique Dubois; Alice Gaudet; Annette Labelle; Richard Lapointe; Marie-Louise Perron; Mickael Poplyansky; Dr. Claude Roberto


Executive Director: Alexandre Chartier

Administrative and Accounting Assistant: Chadia Shaza

Audience Development Coordinator: Khaled Kamruzzaman

Programming coordinator: Leslie Garrido-Diaz

Programming Project Officer: Baptiste Labrie-Boulay

Archival technician: Patricia Choppinet

Archives project officer: Omer Labrie-Boulay

Project Officer: Quinn Bell

Guardians of Lys'toire

Leslie Garrido-Diaz; Kassandra Hipkins; Khaled Kamruzzaman; Baptiste Labrie-Boulay; Omer Labrie-Boulay; Janie Average; Kelsey Van Dike