Meet the famous voyageur Louis Mercier in a workshop for a younger students!

The voyageur will visit your classroom to explain a typical day in his life and familiarise the kids with the fur-trade. Throughout the story told, the student will discover some of the objects that were part of the life of the voyageurs: sashes, pearls, etc..

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Length : 30 minutes

Grades : 1st to 4th grade

Participants : Up to 35 students

Cost : 130$

Résultats d'apprentissage : 

Français langue maternelle : 1LT.2, 2LT.3, 3LT.3, 4LT.3, 4LT.4
Français langue seconde : É-Dv.1-2-5, AP-DV.3-4, AP-J.1-2, 4LT.3, 4IN.1

If you are not with a school but would like to reserve a workshop, please contact or school program coordinator by email ( or by phone (306) 565-0052.

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