You think you know all there is to know about Canada?

This is the time to prove it, with this great Canadian quiz! With three levels of difficulty, it covers the following 6 categories: history, celebrations, flags, symbols, currency and geography. Put your knowledge to the test to celebrate Canada with this fun workshop!

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Length : 60 minutes

Grades : 5th to 12th grade

Participants : Up to 35 students

Cost : 130$

Résultats d'apprentissage :

  • Français langue maternelle : 5LT.1, 5LT.2, 5LT.3, 5LT.4, 5PA.1, 6ICC.1, 6LT.3
  • Français langue seconde : 5PA.1, 5LT.2, 4LT.3


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