Discover the francophones of Saskatchewan that marked history.

The project of francophone personalities of Saskatchewan and the Prairies now has its own workshop that has replaces the French Heroes of Saskatchewan. The students will direct the workshop choosing which personality by category they want to discover; 12 in total! There will not be 2 same workshops! At the end of the workshop, the classroom will choose one personality to become their hero and will receive the poster for this character.

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Length : 40 to 60 minutes

Grades : 2nd to 6th grade

Participants : up to 35 students

Cost : 130$

Résultats d'apprentissage :

  • Français langue maternelle : 2LT.3, 3LT.3, 4LT.3, 5LT.3
  • Français langue seconde : AP-DV.3-4-7, AP-GV.5-7, AP-J.1-2, 4IN.1-3, 4LT.3


If you are not with a school and wish to reserve a workshop, please contact the school program soordinator by email ( or by phone (306)-565-0052.

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