Latest News / Dernières nouvellesAug 11, 2021


The Société historique de la Saskatchewan is proud to announce the 16th edition of the Journées du patrimoine-Heritage Days "the Prairie Lily Hatching" from September 22 to 28, 2021.

It is around the theme of the creation of Saskatchewan that the Société historique de la Saskatchewan team invites you to bring together Francophones and Francophiles of Saskatchewan as well as immersion and Fransaskois schools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition will be offered in a hybrid format. School days will be held online at on the web and on September 25-26 Public Days around the Government House of Saskatchewan historic site in Regina.

The Blooming of the Prairie Lily will focus on the birth of the province in 1905, chronicling the cultural effervescence around the Saskatchewan Government House in the late Victorian era as well as the establishment of the Treaties on the territories of Saskatchewan.

A puppet show, a role play on negotiating treaties, bilingual guided tours of the Government of Saskatchewan Hotel, a game of croquet, a chamber music concert and more! This 16th edition will immerse you in the heart of “Victorian” Saskatchewan alongside the Forget couple and George Watt.

The website will provide teachers, students and the public with the ability to book activities directly online. The site will also offer retrospectives of previous Heritage Days as well as educational resources. Reservation calendars will be available from the beginning of September 2021.


Contact : Leslie Garrido-Diaz