Mesure yourself to the famous Willow Bunch Giant!

Born in Willow Bunch in 1881, the french Métis Édouard Beaupré entered the legends because he mesure 2,5m! Thanks to illustrations, the story of the giant will be presented to the students.  Then, the students will be able to mesure themselves thanks to a life size banner, the hand and feet  drawings, the shirt and the pants! A fun way to meet this Saskatchewan legend! 

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Length of workshop : 40 to 60 minutes

Grades : 1st à 4th année

Participants : Up to 35 students

Costs : 130$

Résultats d'apprentissage :

  • Français langue maternelle : 1LT.2, 2LT.3, 3LT.3
  • Français langue seconde : É-DV.1-2, É-DV.5-6, AP-DV.3-4-5-6-7, AP-J.1-2


If you are not a school, but would like to reserve a workshop, please contact our school program coordinator at ( or by phone (306)-565-0052.

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