To your canoes! Go on an adventure with Louis Mercier, a North-West Company voyageur!


For 2018-2019, this workshop will only be available for teachers as a professional development workshop. Pour 

The teachers, new hires of the North-West Company, will learn the basics of the the job of voyageurs from their new guide.  Il will talk to them of their contract, their itinerary, the techniques of canoeing, the relations with First Nations, the fur-trade and the Métis. This workshop is full of information in which teachers will be greatly involved. 

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Length : 75 minutes.

Grades : 4th to 12th grade, also adapted to universities and community groups.

Participants : up to 35.

Coût : 130$


Résultats d'apprentissage : 

Français langue maternelle : 4LT.3, 4LT.4, 5ICC.2, 5ER.1

Français langue seconde : 4LT.3, 4IN.1-2, 5IN.1, 5LT.2, 5RE.2, 7RE.1

Also available in english


If you are not with a school group and would like to reserve a workshop, please contact the school program coordinator by email( or by phone (306)-565-0052.

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